Lindy Farrar

Lindy Farrar – Senior Analyst

Lindy comes to Greenview as an Environmental Research and Policy Specialist. Prior to Greenview, Lindy was a Public Affairs Specialist at the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Office of Research and Development (ORD), where she supported the development of the Safe and Sustainable Water Resources National Program’s Strategic Research Action Plan. She has experience supporting domestic and international research collaboration efforts for several U.S. Federal Agencies, international coalitions, and foundations. Lindy served as the Executive Secretary of the National Science and Technology Council’s (NSTC) Committee on Environment and Natural Resources (CENRS), Subcommittee on Water Availability and Quality (SWAQ) as an advisor and to assist the NSTC on policies, scientific developments, and research needs. Lindy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations with a focus on Global Environmental Politics from American University.