“What is your destination doing to be sustainable?” – more and more customers

Greenview helps destinations with programs to engage customers, and increase the uptake of best practices across the destination. Particularly for MICE business, Greenview’s services enable destinations to address a growing global priority and customer concern. See below and for more info, email us at, and sign up for our newsletter

Sustainable Destination and Event Strategy

Sustainable Destination and Event Strategy (SDES) involves a “reporting” process convening destination stakeholders and aggregating specific destination information. This process helps identify areas of strength, weakness and opportunity for competitive destination advantage. Through facilitated collaboration and research, DMOs learn to be a better advocate in the sustainable development of the destination and connect the event planner and visitor experience with the unique quality of life that locals live. SDES helps creates a solid platform of two-way communication; for the event organizer and visitor to have an authentic and exceptional experience throughout the destination AND for the DMO to clearly demonstrate the value and impact their organization has in the local community and economy.

As part of the Sustainable Destination Event Strategy, Greenview provides advisory services on the multiple sustainability frameworks, sustainable destination publications and can conduct tailored, competitive benchmark assessments. Our goal is to help destinations DMOs understand best practices and programs and to be leaders in sustainable destination development, in way that enhances positive long term growth. This knowledge is invaluable to our clients seeking a competitive edge.

Attendee Sustainable Meetings Pledge

DMO’s the world over look to promote the unique and authentic experience to visitors and event attendees. By offering a Sustainable Meetings Package to event organizers and their attendees, destinations can highlight the unique and sustainable qualities of the destination, provide content for organizers, and help attendees have an authentic and responsible experience during their stay. Greenview started this pledge with its organizer clients, including the Award-Winning ACS Greener Meetings program [link] for its two national meetings & expositions annually.

Greenview works with the destination to tailor a Sustainable Meetings Pledge to actively support city wide sustainability efforts through easy actions. Engagement of event attendees is promoted through onsite installations and social media channels, where attendees can engage in showcasing their experiences utilizing a destination specific hashtag.

Hotel Green Grids

What are the sustainable hotel options for your citywide event? Customers want more than just labels, they want content. The individual best practices of a hotel, such as renewable energy or community giving programs, can help attendees make better choices. It also helps the destination tell a great story when all of the hotels in a room block are on board with the same best practices to showcase.

Greenview provides you with a data platform to create a Hotel Green Grid that you can customize and offer for every citywide event client. The Hotel Green Grid offers organized information for event organizers and attendees who want a more sustainable experience from their hotels. Does the hotel have an in-room recycling program? Does the hotel participate in local donation programs? Is the property energy efficient? Because hotels and cities are in constant flux and industry best practices evolve, our data platform, the Greenview Portal, helps keep this information accurate and updated as more innovation is found within the destination.

Venue Sustainability Benchmarking

Green events happen in green venues. Greenview created the Green Venue Report to help venues understand their comparative performance in sustainability practice, and allow for innovative venues to shine. With over 50 participants in nearly a dozen countries, your venue can become part of this movement. To learn more visit

For hotels with meeting and exhibition space and event venues Greenview also offers sustainability consulting services for increasing efficiency and reducing impacts for energy consumption and waste management. Services include benchmarking KPI, stakeholder engagement, policy creation, training and tracking for venue sustainability performance.

Hotel Best Practice and Performance Tracking

Your destination has dozens, hundreds, even thousands of hotels and you want to see them all improve in their sustainability practices. Greenview offers a benchmarking and tracking platform to evaluate the status of all hotels across the destination, identify weak spots, and monitor improvement over time. Hotels are surveyed and provided comparative reports to see how they stack up and where they are behind in best practices among their peers (in blind comparison). Collectively, you can gather the footprint of your destination, encourage laggards to improve practice by practice, and identify areas to target programs to help hotels overcome challenges, such as training or procurement.

Carbon Neutral Event

You can make it easy for your event organizers to look good and tell a great story of their event making a positive contribution. Greenview helps you offer a credible, streamlined carbon calculation for a citywide event, including all key aspects such as air travel, ground transportation, venues, accommodation, and more. We then help you choose a carbon offset program that has specific meaning and benefit within your region, and give you the tools to promote it and communicate. You can offer this to current and potential citywide organizers as a unique feature and benefit, taking the guesswork out, helping them become sustainable event organizers, and setting up a program for your destination to become known as a great place for organizers to choose when they want help in their sustainable event programs.

Sustainable Cruise Destination Benchmarking

Greenview has led research for the UNWTO with support of the ASEAN Secretariat to develop a sustainable cruise destination benchmarking and measurement framework [link], and conducted benchmarking in a forthcoming study. Greenview can help your cruise destination and cruise reception facility benchmark best practices within this framework, and find opportunities for improvement.