How We Work

Sustainable event programs can seem overwhelming with endless checklist items to navigate. Greenview helps you move from documentation to action, following five main principles:

Sustainable Choices
Whether it be your conference materials, signage or menu, Greenview helps you understand your options and impact around sustainable choices that refresh your event!
Treading Light
The nature of your event may be intense when it comes to energy use, transportation,
waste or water. Greenview helps you understand the impressions you’re leaving and how to reduce or offset.
Leaving Legacies
No one ever said solving old problems was easy, but finding creative ways to reduce your
impacts (e.g. donation programs, tree planting) means meaningful engagement with your community and benefits to those who need them most! A win-win!
Engaging Partners
Sustainability is a team effort. We help you engage with your staff, attendees, exhibitors, vendors, venues and hotel partners to make sure everyone is working toward your goals, learning and having fun along the way!
Awareness Programs
Let your good work be known and empower your attendees and partners to contribute!
Greenview provides you with content and strategy around your website, newsletters, onsite signage, mobile app, event blogs, social media, reporting and more to create effective and award-winning program results.

Running out of time to keep reading?

We know you’re a busy event professional strapped for time. At Greenview we’ve got your back!

We do all the heavy lifting to ensure your event is sustainably legit and you’ve got the data to prove it.

Data Analytics
You need to understand where you were and how far you’ve come when it comes to
carbon emissions, energy use, water use, waste diversion, economic activity, community impacts and materials usage. Greenview works with your team and event partners to collect data and calculate your impacts to inform your focus and strategy.

You want to let everyone know you’re on it! Greenview weaves together your
efforts and data to provide you with a professional, sustainability report so you can
share your progress credibly and concisely.

Standards Compliance
The Greenview approach to event sustainability incorporates best practices and criteria outlined in industry standards such as ISO 20121 and APEX/ASTM, as well as those that are most relevant to your suppliers Sustainable Event Standards. If you want to make it official, we can help you through the certification process also.