Services We Offer

We build customized programs for each of our clients. Here are some of the main components we can cover for you:

Sustainability Assessment & Opportunities

We evaluate your event to assess where you are on the “green event spectrum,” helping you understand your strengths and the exciting opportunities ahead. This includes our finding several quick wins for you to immediately improve your street cred as a sustainable event organizer.Then we plan out a roadmap for you to undertake the bigger programs. You can hire us to take you down that path, or bring us in to advise as needed. It’s all good!

Training & Awareness

Greenview brings your organization up to speed on “greening” in a quick, engaging way that is tailored to your needs. We give you a solid base understanding of sustainable development as a background to help piece the puzzle together. Then we help you understand sustainability hot button issues driving our news and economy and how they directly relate to your events and operations.

Programs Development

We know you’re a busy event professional strapped for time. At Greenview we’ve got your back! We can work with you and your event partners to set up programs to reduce waste, increase the eco-friendliness of signage and printed materials, set up exhibitor and attendee pledges, engage your vendors, and build out unique initiatives for your event. We work with each client to develop a program that best fits your organization’s mission, strengths, and interests. And of course we always find ways to cut costs!

Footprint Calculation & Reduction

You need to understand where you were and how far you’ve come when it comes to carbon emissions, energy use, water use, waste diversion, economic activity, community impacts and materials usage. Greenview works with your team and event partners to collect data and calculate your impacts to inform your focus and strategy. If you want to offset your carbon or even go carbon-neutral, we can set it all up for you.

Snapshots & Reporting

You want to let everyone know you’re on it! Greenview weaves together your efforts and data to provide you with a professional, sustainability report so you can share your progress credibly and concisely. We can produce a report to your needs, from a 2-page snapshot to a full-blown GRI report of 50+ pages and showcasing the rigor of your program and results in great detail.

Standards Compliance

The Greenview approach to event sustainability incorporates best practices and criteria outlined in industry standards such as ISO 20121 and APEX/ASTM, as well as those that are most relevant to your suppliers Sustainable Event Standards. If you want to make it official, we can help you through the certification process also.