Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking

Greenview has been collaborating with the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research and over a dozen hotel companies on a long-term initiative to provide credible benchmarks for hotel energy usage, water usage, and carbon emissions that are location-specific and filtered by hotel segment.

Beginning in 2010 with research to develop a common measurement framework, and the subsequent Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative, Greenview has helped lead this industry discussion and advance the benchmarking project. The CHSB project is now in its third year of data collection and is open through the fall 2016 for CHSB2017, with all hotel companies encouraged to participate.

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  • Participating Hotel and Vacation Ownership Companies receive a validity test of their data set, a calculation of their carbon footprint for each hotel, and a confidential benchmarking report identifying their relative positioning within each market and segment, specific to city, region, and/or country.
  • The industry receives a freely available, global data set that can be used to estimate energy usage, water usage, or carbon emissions in feasibility studies, facilitate carbon calculations for its clients, and serve as an alternative compliance path to regulatory benchmarking requirements and credits for green certification schemes.
  • Travelers and Travel buyers, and their distribution channels can access the benchmarks (by location/segment only, not individual hotels) as default data for calculating their own carbon footprints, so that calculations can be performed much more effectively than asking/responding for each individual hotel across thousands of room nights every year.

How It Works

Each year, Greenview works with an Industry Advisory Group to structure the data request and output results.

  • 1. Participating companies submit a data set for their portfolio consisting of basic property attributes, monthly energy and water usage, and basic segmentation information.
  • 2. The researchers harmonize the data and run a validity test, returning the results back to the participating companies to validate and correct.
  • 3. A confidential output and benchmarking report is provided back to participating companies, for each hotel indicating:
    • Their energy, water, and carbon metrics per occupied room, per square meter/foot, and with HCMI metrics for rooms and meetings
    • A relative positioning of each property among the data set for that location and segment
    • A listing of all the properties that did not meet validity tests for being outliers or missing data
  • 4.The researchers tabulate the results and update the benchmarks for all geographies with sufficient data in a tool/index. In addition the researchers provide a guidance document and outline their key findings and trends for that year’s data set.
  • 5.The tool/index, guidance document, and findings are submitted to the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research for peer review and editorial review. The researchers incorporate any feedback or corrections from the peer review.
  • 6.The data tables and guidance are published through the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research and freely available to the industry.
  • 7.Greenview works with the Industry Advisory Group to discuss the challenges and opportunities for data collection and use of the data set, and improves the process for the following year.

Participating CHSB Companies to-date:

  • Diamond Resorts International
  • Hilton Worldwide
  • Host Hotels & Resorts
  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • IHG
  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
  • Marriott International
  • Park Hotel Group
  • PGA Golf Resort
  • Saunders Hotel Group
  • Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  • The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels
  • Wyndham Worldwide
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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is there a fee to participate? Yes, there is a participation fee for conducting the study, which is distributed among participants. Fees are structured to encourage participants to submit larger data sets, but accommodate smaller portfolio and even single properties. The average fee in 2015 was approximately $30 per property. Please contact us and we can provide an exact quote.

2.What is the participation cycle? The cycle varies each year but generally we need all data to be submitted, with participation fees contributed by November, so we can publish and return the results by spring of the following year. There is a two year lag in data set – publication (the CHSB2016 benchmarks will be published with 2014 calendar year data).

3.How do I prepare my data?We send out a participant manual for confirmed participants explaining the process and each data point to capture.

4.How do I submit my data? We request the data sets to be submitted in a .csv or .xls(x) file with standardized columns. We can work with you to help harmonize the categories and data point labels. You do not need to submit your data set online, and data sets are requested in aggregate (not by each individual property in your portfolio).

5.What if I don’t have all the information I need to participate?Some data points are optional, and others required. You can work with a third party data system to help collect and prepare your data accordingly. Greenview also offers this service through its own data platform, the Greenview Portal.

Past Benchmarking Studies (Click to Open)

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