Green Venue Report

Sustainable Events Start at Sustainable Venues. The Green Venue Report offers an overview of convention and exhibition center performance identifying industry best practices and bringing the topic of venue sustainability to life through leading examples. In collaboration with Twirl Management, Greenview undertakes this annual survey and produces a research report to disseminate the best practices and show the general advances in sustainability for convention and exhibition centers.

Each year, we launch a survey through our Greenview Portal system of approximately 100 questions relating to sustainability and social responsibility practices of convention and exhibition centers globally. Many of the questions are the same as the prior year,s o that we can track progress. Information is kept confidentially on the Greenview Portal so that previously answered questions can be easily updated or confirmed the next year.

 We tabulate the results, provide each participant back with a compare report for each practice on where they stand in comparison to the rest of the participants, and produce a freely available trends report for all to help spread best practices and give event organizers a yardstick to what types of practices they should be requesting from venues.

 The survey and report is funded by generous support from our sponsors each year. For sponsorship opportunities,

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Past GVR Reports

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