Sustainable Event Services



Greenview offers services to help event planners establish a consistent sustainability platform and actively engage stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the event. We acknowledge that every partner and event is different and can tailor our collaboration based on your needs and goals, while following a proven model for covering all phases of sustainable events.


Our Process



Sustainable Event Policy & Performance Audits

For organizers wishing to assess their current sustainability performance, Greenview can perform a sustainability audit of the organization’s event policies, programs, practices, engagement mechanisms, and overall sustainability performance. The audit covers pre-event, onsite, and post-event stages.

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Event Sustainability Competitor/Leader Benchmarking

Understanding the practices and programs of competitive organizations and event industry leaders is valuable to clients seeking best practices and a competitive edge. Greenview can conduct tailored, competitive benchmark assessments.


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Sustainable Event Program Development & Implementation

For organizations that have made a commitment to sustainable events, Greenview partners with organizational leaders and the event planning team to develop a comprehensive sustainable event plan.  The plan embeds sustainability into all facets of the event.

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Sustainable Event Training

Greenview provides client and stakeholder teams with sustainable event training to educate and empower event decision-makers and implementers. Trainings are tailored to organizational needs.

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Event Sustainability Reporting

Comprehensive event sustainability reports transparently and credibly tell the sustainability story of an event to all internal and external stakeholders. The report institutionalizes sustainability within the organization and event, drives continuous improvement, and creates a communications piece for marketing and gaining stakeholder buy-in. Greenview facilitates clients reporting.

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Sustainable Event Standards Alignment

Event organizers can further improve performance and industry credibility through compliance with ISO 20121 Sustainable Event Management System Requirements or the APEX/ASTM Sustainable Event Standards. Greenview can help clients navigate the complexities of standard alignment or third-party certification.

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